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Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or your hobby or business relies on the weather, a weather station is a helpful way to stay in the know about your home environment. This AcuRite weather station reports every 18 seconds, compared to official weather stations, often at the nearest airport, commonly only reporting hourly. You will always have up-to-date weather information at your fingertips.


  • Real-Time Weather Conditions: Receive readings for indoor outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall directly to your home weather station
  • Weather Clock: Large Color LCD Display with the current time, date, and an adjustable dimmer making it convenient to read and easily view indoor and outdoor data, time, and conditions from various angles
  • Weather Forecast: Patented, self-calibrating technology provides a personalized weather forecast 12 hours from your current conditions using a unique algorithm to analyze changes in barometric pressure and temperature
  • The Best Weather Station To View Comprehensive Weather Conditions: Monitor pressure trends with trend arrow, heat index, dew point, feels like temperature, and more
  • Multiple High Precision Weather Instruments All In One: Wireless weather station with a built-in anemometer, wind vane, barometer, hygrometer, rain gauge, and thermometer to give you the data you need to know your environment outdoors and in


  • Brand: AcuRite
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Number of Batteries: 4 AA batteries required (not included)
Weight 1 lbs