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Beautifully carved, we’ve integrated three built-in compartments made for prepping and chopping to hold your diced onions, chives, garlic, etc. This side can also be used for entertainment as a charcuterie board. Try using the compartments for nuts, fruit, olives, and more!


  • Thoughtfully crafted to be the most functional board you will ever own with its multipurpose design. Alfred is an end-grain constructed board, known to be extremely durable and highly desired for its ‘self-healing’ properties. Each knife cut goes between the wood fibers, rather than cutting through them. These fibers close back up after the knife exits. Your knives are cutting on a naturally forgiving surface, keeping your knife’s edge sharper for longer.
  • The small rubber feet allow the board to effectively grip a wet countertop while cutting and the inner handles provide grip for easy carrying.
  • Finished with a groove around the edges to catch any excess juices or liquids during food prep and can hold up to 3.5 ounces of liquid. No need to worry about juices running off the board and onto your countertop when cooking and cutting up fruits, vegetables, and meats. Perfect for carving grilled brisket, beef, pork, or ribs at barbecues.
  • Crafted right here in the USA with our selection of sustainably sourced black walnut. We hand select only the highest quality hardwoods for our cutting boards so we may present you with a beautiful and highly functional addition to your kitchen. When cared for correctly, with proper cleaning (handwash only) and oiling, this board will outlast most items in your kitchen. Applying your preferred oil every 3 weeks is essential to ensure that the wood remains durable.


  • Brand: Sonder Los Angeles
  • Dimensions: 1.50 x 17.00 x 13.00 inches
  • Weight: 9.04 lbs
  • Material: Walnut
  • Shape: Rectangular
Weight 1 lbs