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Enjoy delicious meals with 75% fewer calories. Sear chicken or steak for that delicious crispy exterior while locking in the flavor and juices without the smoke or the mess.
Combine 1800 watts of cooking power with a 2500 rpm fan that cooks from top and bottom and 360˚ around and you have NuWave’s Flavor Infusion Technology.
Indulge your sweet tooth and bake your favorite desserts in minutes.


  • The Modern Way To Cook – One of the top-rated air fryers in Consumer Reports 3 years running and backed by a dedicated team that stands behind their work, the Brio uses super-heated air and a specially designed cooking chamber to quickly and evenly cook all your favorite fried foods to tender, juicy perfection using little to no oil.
  • Perfect Results Every Time – Using Brio’s integrated digital temperature probe takes the guesswork out of cooking! The Brio cooks until your food is perfect and then shuts off automatically, so you’ll never undercook or overcook meals again. Enjoy everything from steaks to chicken and even seafood cooked to juicy, succulent perfection every time.
  • Consistent Cooking Temperature – Other air fryers can deviate from their targeted temperature by as much as 40°F. The Brio makes sure that the temperature you set is the temperature you get by checking the temperature inside the unit 120 times per second. With Brio, your food comes out perfectly crispy every time.
  • Every Meal Every Day – NuWave’s team of engineers and professional chefs based in the US designed and developed the Brio with a vast temperature range, between 50°F and 400°F, to make it easier than ever to prepare just about anything you’d ever want. If you’re ever unsure what to make, simply select from a menu of 100 preprogrammed recipes available at your fingertips.
  • Convenient – The 8-quart Brio is the perfect size for cooking 3 pounds of fries, a 5-pound chicken, or even a whopping 3 pounds of wings. Yet it’s compact enough for small apartments, RVs, and even dorm rooms. You can even adjust the wattage between 900, 1,500, and 1,800 watts, ensuring you can air fry virtually anywhere you have access to an electric outlet.


  • Brand: NuWave
  • Item Dimensions: 13.10 x 16.50 x 15.10 in
  • Capacity: 8 Quarts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: 1800 watts
Weight 1 lbs