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A truly perfect brew starts with ground coffee, but it takes the right grinder to help coffee beans unlock their full flavor potential. The OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder’s intelligent, built-in scale precisely measures coffee as you grind. Choose from 3 grinding modes: cup mode using the pre-set ratio of 8 grams per cup, grams mode to grind the exact amount of grams you like, or manual mode to grind by time. The Grinder’s high torque/low-speed DC motor helps keep beans from overheating while grinding; the conical burrs create a consistent and uniform grind for optimal flavor extraction. Whether you like strong or mild, espresso or drip, French Press, or pour-over, the OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder helps you get the grounds you need to make your perfect cup.
It’s easy to tare the scale to get a precise read or if you’d like to use a different container for grinding. Here’s how you do it:
Press and hold the OXO button, until the ring around the button blinks and the menu mode appears (keep holding). The button light will turn red and there will be a three-second countdown on the display; keep pressing the button until you reach “0”. That’s it You’re ready to grind.


  • OXO On Conical Burr Grinder built-in scale measures grounds by weight instead of time, eliminating the need for a separate scale; automatic shutoff ensures a precise amount of ground coffee every time.
  • Durable, 40 mm stainless steel conical burrs create uniform grounds for up to 38 settings — from fine for espresso to coarse for French press or cold brew.
  • High torque/ low-speed motor won’t overheat beans, preserving the flavor and generating minimal static for less mess. Built-in overheating detection protects the motor for long life.
  • Use the single dial to switch between Cups Mode, Grams Mode, or Manual Mode. In Cups mode, you grind based on the number of cups of coffee you would like to brew.
  • No-bean detector won’t let you grind if the hopper is empty. Voltage is 120V/60Hz.
  • Hopper holds 16 oz of coffee beans and features a “trap door” to hold beans in when the hopper is removed. Groundskeeper holds up to 125 grams – enough ground coffee to brew 12 cups.
  • The OXO Better Guarantee: If you experience an issue with your OXO product, get in touch with us to repair or replace it. We’re grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we’ll make it better.


  • Brand: OXO
  • Size: Burr Grinder
  • Dimensions: 11.1 x 7.3 x 16.4 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 110 – 120 Voltage/ 60 Hz
  • Capacity: 16 Oz
  • Integrated Scale: Yes
Weight 1 lbs