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Shop Fox Heavy Duty Mobile Bases are designed to give you a stable and mobile platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment having a variety of base sizes and weights. The heavy-duty casters are arranged on outriggers allowing the machine to sit as low as possible and yet be extremely stable. Swivel casters on two corners provide excellent maneuverability. The bolt pattern on the fixed caster side allows the orientation of the wheels in either of two directions. The base can be assembled in any of eight configurations providing maximum flexibility of use. The unique two-piece retractable feet use rare earth magnets to allow the knob to turn while the footpad is tight to the floor. You will find these mobile bases to be far superior to any mobile base on the market in strength, adjustability, and movability. This patented mobile base is the most stable on the market with outrigger-type supports.


  • 19-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch to 29-1/2-Inch by 29-1/2-Inch
  • 700-Pound capacity
  • 8 configurations

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:                                               

  • Brand: Shop Fox
  • Size: 19″ x 20-1/2″ to 29-1/2″ x 29-1/2″
  • Color: ‎Charcoal Grey
  • Minimum Dimensions: 19 inches x 20-1/2 inches
  • Maximum Dimensions: 29-1/2 inches x 29-1/2 inches
Weight 1 lbs